Kirsten & Nick

Kirsten & Nick

The Jaded LIVE @ George’s (4/15/2014)

For our second show as a new band we played a classic San Rafael venue opening for The Wearys & Party on High Street.


1. Sickest Satisfactions
2. Love Me Two Times
3. So Sweet
4. Eight Days A Week
5. I’m Your Garbage
6. Poison
7. Infatuation
8. Rock N Roll
9. Dancing in the Moonlight
10. Saw Her Standing There

Hopmonk Open Mic Night

Was joined by Dennis Haneda (host of the open mic) on lead guitar for the second song. Also his girlfriend who is an amazing drummer played for that song. It was quite epic.

1. Sweatshirt
2. Tell Myself

The Jaded live @ Hopmonk Tavern Novato,CA (3.14.2014)

With two rehearsals under our belt now and one gig, I am now part of the group The Jaded. We played almost all covers with one original of mine, “Sickest Satisfactions” which I thought went the best of all the songs even though the rest of the set was good.


1. Rock ‘n Roll
2. Love Me Two Times
3. Foxey Lady
4. Dancin’ in the Moonlight
5. Pipeline/Wipeout/Drum Solo (Surf Rock Medley)
6. Sickest Satisfactions
7. Billie Jean
8. Can’t Buy Me Love
9. Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)

10. Saw Her Standing There

There was one opening band that played a rocking set and then the headliner who played after us was David M’ore who has opened for Eric Johnson. He played guitar incredibly. We had a lot of people dancing on the floor for our set which made the night come to life!

New album gonna be released March 1st 2014!

Artist name:

Album name:

Will be released on band camp and sound cloud to start with.

GU!’s Dream Journal Feb 2 [2014]


I was at a new place my parents had just moved to and was having some old friends over from high school. Everyone was having fun and joking around and then Tobe Panar started to become way too intoxicated, chugging tallboy beers. I went out to get a first beer of the night for myself from the refridgerator and my parents stopped me. I startled my mother by grabbing for it after they tried to stop me and the feeling kind of pissed me off of her being too easily startled. Then in the background we heard Tobe yelling something at the top of his lungs, and we headed down the hallway to see what the commotion was but before we could even get to my room he came barreling out at full speed as if they were about to go do something crazy but I tackled him and held him to the ground. I told him, “I love you man, there is no reason to be violent.” He struggled but eventually surrendered and was subdued to a state of sleepiness, in which I carried him out the front door where we were gonna basically kick him out to the street for making such a mess of him self and our get together, but then some other commotion started and a whole other party of people started darting away in cars while I was in the street. At first I though I had gotten runover and died, but then I realized I had ducked around a car, survived somehow and then was being dragged from behind it, so i managed to climb from the back to on top of the car, riding fast as if we were in a getaway or something. The car continued on a hard turn where I thought for a moment I would surely be flung from the top of the moving vehicle and killed, but again I was invincible due to my dreaming state. We turned onto another road and through some windy curves and then pulled into a gas station. Towards the end of the drive, the packed car of people acknowledged how awesome it was that I had been riding on top of the car. There were two guys in the front and two girls and a guy packed into the back of the suburban. 

The girl on the left side said, “Can we give this guy some weed? Give this guy a dub!” to the driver.

After a few seconds the driver replied, “Today coke is weed. Take this.” And I got handed an American Spirit cigarette pack with a bag of cocaine inside of it. 

After this I asked if I could come inside the car and chill with them, not wanting to go back to where I had come from and deal with that whole shit. They gladly welcomed me but for some reason it seemed that they didn’t want to listen to me at first. I started talking and it seemed like everyone’s thoughts or words were buzzing around too much from the excitement to hear one thing I said.  Then I started speaking about what had happened to me earlier that night and the two girls next to me in the back perked their ears up. I referenced Tarantino’s “Death Proof” and the scene where the girl is riding on top of the car at a very fast pace. One of the girls had scene the film and one hadn’t. I said some sexual innuendo line like, “I love to see girls on top” and they laughed. 

Trying to analyze this is difficult. Was it just a crazy adventure of a dream my subconscious created to deal with the fact I haven’t been too adventurous recently? Or does it have some deeper meaning? I was holding back a friend from starting mayhem but I had to use some force. Let me know what you thought some deeper meaning might be.

Not much work in the next week

So it looks like I am gonna be working on learning to master some tracks. I work today from 6-10:30 Pm and then I get two full days off until I even have an on call shift. Some trick who gave away my skateboard drunkenly a few months ago ain’t paying me back for it. I have to go to court and arrange a time to contest a ticket this coming Monday and then I start DUI classes this coming Wednesday. Fun stuff….. 


Life is great

There is so much love in the world. I am so in love with the perfect woman. Everything is luminous and full of joy. I would do anything and everything for her. 

Back at school now and got a job

I am finishing up at Pyramind after about a year away from school. Right now I am enrolled in music theory and synthesis. My teachers are both great and unique in both their teaching styles and individual personalities. It’s great to be around so many other producers / other creative thinkers and it always urges me to create much more music than someone who treats this as a hobby. I am in the middle of 5 different tracks and am proud to say I designed synths on each one of them from scratch. I am tired of using presets. Not that you can’t learn a hell of a lot from them, but it’s just whack after making electronic music for 2 years to use other people’s sound design. 

Also got hired at Gap for a part time job. Gotta pay the bills.